When the good men that founded this country created political representatives they had no labels of Republican, Conservatives, Liberals, or Democrats.  We had good men standing for the things they believed and left the rest to the voters.  If you weren’t elected that didn’t mean that your party lost, it meant that the people of the U.S. had elected another man based on his morals, values, and goals. 

We live in times where people feel that it is “my gang against theirs” and this is a plague.  This plague will cause men and women to take a stance on a topic because their party does even though they personally don’t agree.  This is everything that is wrong with party lines. 

Draw your own line in the sand.  Chose your representatives not by the red or blue color of their suits, but by the choices they make and the ideals they stand for.  Visit with your representatives.  View their websites and read their stances.  Encourage them to have an identity of their own whether it makes or breaks their career. 

I’m sick of generic officials leading us in wrong directions because of obligations they feel toward lobbyists or groups.  Barack Obama wrote about an experience where he went against a labor union that had supported him because he was a democrat.  His choice caused an outrage, but he made the decision based on his beliefs and morals.  This is the type of leader we need in America.  Someone who is real.  If you want a real leader, read their ideas and encourage them to be themselves. 

Draw your own party line in the sand and stand by it.  This country needs no puppeteers or blind sheep.