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     Am I the only one who notices how political conversations usually turn to a whining session over how government pigs snort the money straight from our pockets causing ripple effects so wild that our world will soon crumble to the ground and force our country to implode?   Answer – Yes I am the only one who notices.

     I am not to pleased with the elected officials but you bet your ass I’m happy to live in a country where I can say we “elected” our leaders.  Stop the whining and enjoy life today, let the whining continue tomorrow as scheduled.


A simple conversation about world events sparks some of the nastiest political debates between friends, co-workers, and recently between my wife and I last night.  She is a very passionate girl, thats why I married her.  For the most part we see eye to eye on political issues and for once we actually agree on a potential President. 

She was the one who turned me to Senator Obama and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.  I chose not to vote in the last Presidential election after I watched an episode of South Park.  In this episode the boys were trying to decide which new school mascot to vote for: A turd sandwich or a giant dusche bag. 

And thats how I felt about our last presidential election.  No matter who I went and voted for it was between a giant dusche bag and poop sandwich.  I love south park, sometimes they help me see the big picture.  Our president has faced more obstacles and trials than any other president before him.   I can’t blame him for the job that he has done because I believe he is doing his best, but I do blame him for running in the first place. 

As Americans we need to be involved in politics before the primary and presidential elections.  Too many people wait until the Party nominations are made to select their candidate and in the last election that left us choosing between poop and a dusche.

Everyone has values and ethics that change from year to year.  Maybe they don’t change, but they evolve and are refined over time.  Every election take a look at what you believe and then start looking for your candidate.  Don’t read someone’s platform and say “yes, thats what I think too” or that candidate will lead you off a cliff like a lost sheep. 

    Hey America, I’m as white as white gets.  I live in Utah for crying out loud.  But guess what…. I, just like you, am a descendent of immigrants who came to America and built this wonderful country that you think you love side by side with your immigrant ancestors.

   Your family ancestors would be so ashamed and dissappointed with all of the “white pride” emails you all send around saying “Learn English or go home”.  Grow up America.  We are better than this.   


I haven’t recieved too many forwarded emails containing crap from friends and family since I firmly told everyone how I feel about them. I think I sent an email that said “Don’t send/forward anymore useless fu***ng emails to me.  I don’t care how funny you think they are.  Thankyou Kindly, NxP”.

But today I did.  Some jack ass who will remain nameless sent me an email a chain email no doubtley started by Fox News Corp that talked about a new bill that Senator Kennedy was trying to push through giving worthless Americans a place in society.  It is called the “Americans with no abilities act”.  After doing a simple search on google I found thousands of sites debunking this “witty” email.

Of course it is false, but that isn’t my problem with this email.  My problem is the unintelligent wetodds that pass it on thinking that it’s real.  I know Sen. Kennedy is a bit of a goof, but no one is that big of an idiot. 

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