I haven’t recieved too many forwarded emails containing crap from friends and family since I firmly told everyone how I feel about them. I think I sent an email that said “Don’t send/forward anymore useless fu***ng emails to me.  I don’t care how funny you think they are.  Thankyou Kindly, NxP”.

But today I did.  Some jack ass who will remain nameless sent me an email a chain email no doubtley started by Fox News Corp that talked about a new bill that Senator Kennedy was trying to push through giving worthless Americans a place in society.  It is called the “Americans with no abilities act”.  After doing a simple search on google I found thousands of sites debunking this “witty” email.

Of course it is false, but that isn’t my problem with this email.  My problem is the unintelligent wetodds that pass it on thinking that it’s real.  I know Sen. Kennedy is a bit of a goof, but no one is that big of an idiot.