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     Every morning, after the first bell rang through the halls of Stewart Public Elementary school, I pledged allegiance to the flag that represents this country.  I meant what I repeated from memory and never wavered from it. 

     Blind Allegiance is something I will not be apart of.  I was raised in Davis County, Utah.  A mid to lower class level of society where blind allegiance is taught and practiced.  I will not turn a blind eye to the things that are going on in Washington and the decisions that will be made by my representatives that will directly affect my future.

     Ignorance is not bliss, the decisions that are being made are not in my or any of our best interests.  Everyone is effected directly by the irresponsible decisions that have been made regarding health care, the war in Iraq, and countless foreign policy errors.

     This country that I love once stood as a man among boys always doing what was right, standing up for the oppressed, running to the aid of the sick and weary, taking in immigrants looking for a better life and a chance at the American dream we all seek.  Now we are a group of overweight, money lusting, a-moral men caught in Iraq with our hand in the cookie jar.

     Stop pledging a blind allegiance and make a change.  Choose your Senators, Congressman, and for God’s Sake choose your President based on your personal values and the platform for which they stand.  If you want peace, find a way to stand up to your blind friends and make a difference.


My motto is success is prepaid.  You must lay the ground work in order for a plan to be successful.  Throwing more troops into a bad situation does not lay the ground work for a successful retreat, it causes more problems. 

From a conservative (republican) stand point:
     Sending more troops into Iraq or the hole in the earth formarly known as the middle east sends the wrong message to the Iraqi government and the insurgency.  The message sent isn’t of commitment to excellence through force, it is a message that despite the number of lives lost, their jihadist efforts are paying off and is wearing the U.S. down.  The insurgents see this as motivation that they’ve achieved an important moral victory.  From a conservatist stand point this is not the message we want them to have, it is a set back to any progress we may have made in Iraq.
     The Iraq government doesn’t have faith in our support and is using us as a pawn to create a civil war between the Sunni and the Shiites.  Both sides of the civil war are attacking US troops causing confusion for our troops on the ground and communication issues in the government.  Sending twenty thousand troops allows them to continue to use us as a pawn and confirms their lack of confidence in us as a supporter.

From a Liberal point:
     Twenty thousand more of our friends, neighbors and family members are being sent into a war zone that has claimed thousands of American lives, countless Iraqi lives and an unaccounted for number of innocent lives.  The value placed on life is not acceptable from any religous or political view.  Twenty thousand more troops will not bring resolutions closer to realization, force is what they are opposing.  If we are bent on using physical force, it would save American resources (lives, money, and oil) to just nuke the place.  Force is force, whether it is twenty thousand more troops or nuclear bombs.

From a democratic of view.
     The money spent on training, equiping, deploying (including costs of food an shelter while deployed) twenty thousand more troops  is not a cost effective strategy for the entire scheme that is Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The troops that are already on the ground in Iraq are not well equiped.  Most soldiers are resorting to buying protective gear off of ebay and government surplus sites and having family mail it to them in Iraq.  The thousands that have already been deployed don’t have the resources they need to succeed. 
     A cost effective and operation effective strategy would be to decrease the number of troops and increase the level of support and resources those already deployed have.  This increase in soldier efficiency will also translate into operation efficiency.       

Throwing twenty thousand more troops is wrong for all of these stated reasons.  It sends the wrong message to the Iraq government and to the insurgency.  It will cost thousands and thousands of American, Iraqi, and Innocent lives.  It will also prolong a war that will escalate to higher and higher proportions.
     Efficiency will be the most effective way to de-escalate the war in Iraq. 

Leaving Iraq in the state that it is in now is not an option.  Most Christians believe that the bible says this war in the middle east will never end.  Our involvment in it and the prepartations we are making needs to be decided now and the ground work must be laid.  This fight is not between the U.S. and Iraq.  It is between Islam and the Hebrew nation.  Our involvment may need to be refree as we keep the war from spilling into other nations or escalating to nulear levels.

Write your Congressman and Senators an email expressing your concern in a polite and honest manner. Click to find your Congressmen and Senators.

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